Get a Quote

Use this page to request a quote for your Columbus dumpster rental. We provide a handy web form for you to fill out with your order information, including the sizes you need and the type of debris to be thrown out. As far as personal information goes, all we need is your name, street address, and email or phone number if you prefer to be contacted over the phone. This information will allow us to determine the total cost of your selected dumpsters as well as send you the resulting quote. Once you have submitted the form we will contact you with your quote within 48 hours.

Of course you can also contact us via our service number at 614-495-3946. Our customer service team is on the phones every weekday. During that time you can talk with any of our representatives to request a quote for your dumpsters. They are also available to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have about renting a dumpster. Each of our reps is well-versed in the practices of the waste management industry, as well as the various projects our customers get up to. So if you’re looking for advice on how to manage the volume of debris coming from your work site, we’ll be able to recommend a few dumpsters for you.

Before you rent your dumpsters there are some things to double-check. The first thing you’ll want to be sure of is that you have space available for a dumpster on your property/work site. The dumpster rentals we offer in Columbus vary by dimension, but most fall within a length of 22 feet and a width of 8 feet. Be sure that the part of your driveway or other parking area is large enough to accommodate those dimensions before requesting a dumpster. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that there are no low hanging wires or tree branches that might get snapped on the truck or dumpster.

If there are any issues with placing your container on your property, we can park it on the street adjacent to your property. This requires obtaining a street permit from Columbus’ building department. Simply fill out one of their permit application forms and submit it for review. Upon approval, we will need a copy of the permit for our records and then follow through with delivery. As with driveway drop-offs, ensure that there are no vehicles near the street by your property. That way our driver can safely and quickly park your dumpster, letting you get right to work!

If any problems arise during the rental period feel free to call Columbus Dumpster Rental at any time. We are here to make sure that every part of your rental experience goes according to your plans. If you realize you need another roll-off container to handle your debris, we can have it sent to your location within 1-2 business days. Or if you want to reuse your current dumpster after filling it up we can pick it up and return it, no problem. Whatever it is you need we can make it happen for you!